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Polyfandom pablum.

That’s how you do a coming out story that doesn’t make me want to bang my head against a wall.

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Michelle Rodriguez wants you to read LAZARUS.

(Well, actually, I think she wants to play Forever, but, you know, the one could lead to the other…).

Mostly, I’m blogging this because it’s MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ and she likes our book! And that’s reason enough. So there.


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Once upon a time Matt and Chip made a beautiful cover for the 4th printing of issue #1 of Sex Criminals. This beautiful cover captured the imagination of brimpers everywhere, including myself and my lovely coworker Heather (@girlblunders). The situation has since escalated nicely.

Welcome to Brimpception!

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Cyclops by Drew Lundquist


Cyclops by Drew Lundquist

I twittered about this earlier, but sometimes it feels as though talking about misogyny in this industry is like dealing with Groundhog Day: there seems to be a continuous reset, a collective male amnesia around the issue. As if, when a woman speaks out, it’s for the first time and everyone is shocked. Just shocked, I tell you. Sexism exists? OH MY GOD.
Veteran writer Marjorie Liu on sexual harassment/misogny in the comics industry—and the collective amnesia that hits much of the industry every time the topic ever gets broached. (via robot6)

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"Sam Alexander isn’t Latino enough," says a Richard Rider fan who can’t let it go and will find any reason imaginable to complain about the current run.

He’s not. Latino. Enough.

And this is part of why I’ve tried to distance myself from the Rider fanbase for the past year and a half.

Chris Evans and his favorite pizza on ‘Good Morning America’

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Marissa: And I lied before. I am not falling in love with you. I’m already there. And yeah, I just said that out loud. I can’t promise to always know what I’m doing or that I won’t step backward when I’m trying to move forward but I really want to see where this goes.

Marissa’s expression in that top gif still kills me every. time.



trigger words.